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DAY 30 of #30DaysOf30MilesOutProductions

Well, here we are on DAY 30. Phew, that went by like a flash.

Thank you to those who kindly supported this little exercise by liking and sharing what you read or saw here. I am determined to continue blogging or v-logging, and will give it my best effort AND will try to keep it interesting. Marketing can be a little dry, but I suppose it doesn't have to be.

Today, on day thirty, I want to talk about diversity being the spice of life. I like to share with clients that when you're marketing on the web, it's important to diversify the platforms you have a presence on, because you'll have a different audience on different platforms. I also like to suggest using a multitude of marketing tools - pictures, articles, blog posts, VIDEOS - but to be consistent with your brand's online presence. Diversity keeps you interested and likely keeps your target audience following along.

Today, in the spirit of diversity, I officially announce I'll be diversifying my work by adding a new YouTube channel to the mix. 

2014 for me is about bridging the gap between what I am passionate about and merging it successfully into my work world. My hope is to produce shows that Uplift, inspire and move people. These are tricky times we live in, some major change is underway, and staying focused on the beauty of life can get lost in the details living it. 

Starting in September, I will be producing and hosting a YouTube show called UpLifters, interviewing the Uplifters I meet on island and beyond. I'll share these interviews weekly on the new "Soul Shine Television" YouTube channel. Please subscribe to view the FREE episodes. :)

Thank you to my friends and family and wonderful clients who have supported this little business 30 miles out to sea, to you all I say Namasté - I recognize in you the light that is in me.



DAY 29 of #30DaysOf30MilesOutProductions

I have to confess I am mentally high-fiving myself for making it through 29 days in a row of blogging!! When I started this exercise, I did so thinking I needed to practice what I preach. I sell WEB VIDEO SOLUTIONS, which means I sell marketing tools for the WEB, not TV or other platforms. I don't just sell videos, I sell a strategy to get your brand to the next level using video on the internet.

When I consult with clients on the "how" and the "why" of producing videos for them, I always try to make it clear that a video is useless if you don't know how to maximize its viewership by using as many platforms and tricks of the trade to get a maximum of eyeballs on it. It takes work, persistence and consistency to create visibility around a brand. And this is what I don't do nearly enough for myself...

As a result of blogging for 29 days, I've received inquiries and booked a few video shoots that I otherwise would not have booked. I've also received feedback from people who didn't know exactly what I did until they saw the blog. Educating people about your brand is part of getting people to buy your product or service. A strategy really helps!

There is a new form of marketing available to us that is mostly FREE (though it is time consuming, and time is money, so not exactly free!!) for a new economy that is happening on the World Wide Web. THIS IS THE FUTURE and it's happening NOW. Prepare for it today, by positioning your brand online ASAP. I recommend you use video to do it!! If you don't know how to position your brand online, then consult with someone who can guide you.

So, I could post another home video tour or a video business profile, instead I'll post a v-log which reinforces what I've just shared.


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